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CamSA16-02: Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for January 2016

  1. General Information

Microsoft released Security Bulletin January 2016 which includes the 6 most important point (critical) and 3 points (important).

These vulnerabilities could allow a wide-angle attachment the attacker (attacker) can code or create a denial of service or gain access to your files or system.

  1. Affected Software

– Microsoft Windows Operating System and Components
– Microsoft Office Suites and Software
– Microsoft Developer Tools and Software
– Microsoft Server Software
– Microsoft Visual Basic Software

  1. Executive Summaries


MS16-001: Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (3124903) (Critical – Remote Code Execution)

MS16-002: Cumulative Security Update for Microsoft Edge (3124904) (Critical – Remote Code Execution)

MS16-003: Cumulative Security Update for JScript and VBScript to Address —–Remote Code Execution (3125540) (Critical – Remote Code Execution)

MS16-004: Security Update for Microsoft Office to Address Remote Code Execution (3124585) (Critical – Remote Code Execution)

MS16-005: Security Update for Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers to Address Elevation of Privilege (3124584) (Critical – Remote Code Execution)

MS16-006: Security Update for Silverlight to Address Remote Code Execution (3126036) (Critical – Remote Code Execution)

MS16-007: Security Update for Microsoft Windows to Address Remote Code Execution (3124901)(Important Remote Code Execution)

MS16-008: Security Update for Windows Kernel to Address Elevation of Privilege (3124605)(Important Elevation of Privilege)

MS16-010: Security Update in Microsoft Exchange Server to Address Spoofing (3124557)(Important Spoofing)

  1. Solutions

Microsoft offers an update (update) for all the weak points in the January 2016 monthly security bulletin mentioned detail all the issues related to the update. Governor (administrator) need to pay attention to these issues and will be updated as soon as possible.While home users (home users) should use the automatic update

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