July 13, 2024


Report Incident

Any organisation or corporate using computer systems and networks may be confronted with security breaches or computer security incidents.

By reporting such computer security incidents to CamCERT the System Administrators and users will receive technical assistance in resolving these incidents. This will also help the CamCERT to correlate the incidents thus reported and analyse them; draw inferences; disseminate up-to-date information and develop effective security guidelines to prevent occurrence of the incidents in future.

Reporting of Security Incident

System Administrators can report an adverse activity or unwanted behaviour which they may feel as an incident to CamCERT. They may use the following channels to report the incident.

Email: incident[at]camcert.gov.kh

Tel: (855) 23 430 002

Contents of Incident Report

The information below as much as possible maybe given when reporting an incident.

– Time of occurrence of the incident

– Information regarding effected system or network

– Part of log information

– Relevant technical information such as security system deployed, actions taken to mitigate the damage, etc.

CamCERT will verify the authenticity of the incident.

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    Incident Description: Please specify your inquiries or complaints with detail information such as timestamp (including time zone), suspected method and log files

    CamCERT will provide advice to the incident site. CamCERT will not physically deploy or send any member for attending the incident response activity at the site of occurrence. The priority of assisting in responding to the incidents will be decided by CamCERT keeping in view the severity of incident and availability of resources.