May 20, 2024


Understanding the Important of Security @ Zaman University 2012

Two hundred participants gathered at the Open Event that was held at ZAMAN Universtity on 19 February, co-organized by a group of Cambodian developers, a UTTalkShare group, and a Facebook IT group.

“It’s the 6th event organized by our group,” said Chy Sophat, an IT4UG group member. “We aim to share knowledge and experiences among Khmer developers, and today the event is the biggest ever happened.”

Most of the participants were from the public sector, private companies, schools, and freelancers.

Main 9 topics were brought into discussions for the gathering. Such topics are importance of Information Security, Khmer Wikipedia, Open Source, Iinstalling Personal WordPress, Design and Create Unicode Fonts, Ubuntu OS, Khmer FireFox, Intellectual and Property Rights of Computer Software, and Android OS.

Ou Phannarith, Head of CamCERT, also was there to share his insights of why information is important. “The best way to protect yourself is to not become the weakness link to your or­ganization.”

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Source: ITExecutive

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